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Bathroom renovation cost in Brisbane

The bathroom renovation process can be stressful in and of itself but the number one thing that really gets the blood pressure up is the unexpected cost.

So how much should you budget for a bathroom renovation?

In 2018 the Housing Industry Association found the average cost of bathroom renovations in Australia was $17,522. But this is just an indication; the cost of your bathroom renovation could be much less (or much more!) depending on a number of factors.

What factors influence cost?

Obviously the size and scale of your renovations will play a huge role in determining the cost. Got a tiny bathroom and want to retain a number of existing features? You could keep your budget down to around $5000. Conversely if you’ve got a bathroom the size of a warehouse and you want to strip the whole thing out and start anew, you could be looking at upwards of $30,000. Another important factor affecting cost is your choice of materials, fittings and fixtures. Budget tiles for instance retail at about $30 per square meter, while luxury tiles can set you back more than $160 per square meter. If you’ve got a big bathroom to tile, that’s a huge difference in cost right there for just one material!Similarly fixtures like cisterns, vanities and bathtubs all vary in price enormously and it pays to shop around. The cost of tradespeople also needs to be considered. If you arrange the renovations through a bathroom renovation company they will take the hassle out of this particular aspect for you. However, if you project manage the bathroom renovation yourself you’ll need to work out costs yourself and these can vary depending on skill level and experience. Bathroom renovation costs in Brisbane may be lower than in remote areas because you can rely on a huge selection of tradespeople to inform your decision and because specialist tradespeople don’t need to travel far.

How can you save costs?

One critical way to keep costs down is simply to avoid moving fixtures or lighting around. If you have your heart set on a different floor plan layout or lighting scheme that’s fine but be aware that moving plumbing and electrical wiring can be an expensive part of a bathroom renovation. If you’re really keen to shrink the expenditure, look at sourcing second hand fixtures and fittings. They’ll often be a fraction of the price of new products and you can find different statement pieces (claw footed antique baths or vintage mosaic tiles for instance) that would be otherwise hard to source. If you want to keep your bathroom renovation costs down Brisbane, contact us today.